This 60 minute flow-based Vinyasa Yoga class is a full spectrum practice designed to improve your overall wellness. Every week we will explore a new carefully crafted sequence of postures which will build strength, mobility, concentration, personal introspection. Instruction will be given on alignment in asana, breath awareness, and relaxation techniques. This is a mixed-level class. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or yoga novice, this class will leave your body and brain feeling rejuvenated and restored. 


Thai yoga therapy uses gradual movement of yoga-like stretches and gentle pressure on energy lines to relax the whole body on a deeper level. This relaxing modality commonly results in improved emotional status, personal outlook, and creates open channels for the body to heal itself. The assisted slow movements unique to Thai yoga therapy are perfect accompaniments to personalized yoga lessons to enhance flexibility, increase range of motion, and reduce muscle stress and strain.


Personally tailored sessions are beneficial whether you are new to yoga and would like to learn the basics or are a more experienced student interested in taking your practice to the next level. Private lessons can also be a therapeutic and effective method to handle your particular limitations or condition. Having yoga lessons designed specifically for you is an excellent way to learn the finer points of yoga as they relate to your personal needs.